Intersnack relies on the experts from Panther Display to promote its range for Halloween snacks once again

This year's cross-brand PoS campaign by Intersnack for the snack range funny frisch, Chio, ültje and Pombär for Halloween is truly outstanding and, in keeping with the occasion, scary: Developed and manufactured by Panther Display GmbH & Co. KG for commercial use from October 2021. The secondary placement rises a proud of the height of 2.35 m with the detailed printed and punched topper. The elliptical, decoratively printed top sign, radiating in several directions, creates a strong long-distance effect and combines classic image motifs of the seasonal highlight. For the clearly recognizable communication of the brand messages, part of the topper is designed in a uniform green background. The play on words "funny Halloween" signals that it is not really scary: Rather, it emphasizes the great fun that the popular snacks promise for celebrations with families or friends.

Finally celebrate and enjoy something again: The Intersnack Halloween campaign, professionally implemented by Panther Display, arouses feeling of buying delight at the PoS.

Lively fluttering bats under the nocturnal topper motif significantly emphasize the Halloween design and draw the eye down into the large-format chute with the various nibbles. At the same time, the goods-carrying, rounded chute in the form of a pumpkin with the printed image of a carved and glowing face from the inside is very realistically based on the real models. With this promotion, Intersnack is presenting its products in the retail with a high impact on consumers once again.

The secondary placement enables a very fast assembly at the point of sale. Refilling is easily possible at any time. At the end of the promotional campaign, the displays will be returned directly to the waste paper recycling, as they are made entirely of corrugated board.