Hairstyling in a dynamic PoS setting - Display for Top Beauty Award winners

A product for the very quick freshening of the hairstyle is useful for sports, traveling, camping, at outdoor events and festivals or simply between regular hair washes for the young, trendy and well-groomed appearance. With the dry shampoos from BatisteTM, a brand of the American Church & Dwight Co., there is also a series of these little helpers against “bad hair days” in Germany, which is divided into the categories of care, fragrance, color and styling. The brand has already received several international awards.

On behalf of the Batiste manufacturer, Panther Display has developed and manufactured PoS solutions with which the dry shampoos are strikingly presented. In order to make them known to an even larger group of consumers and to trigger more impulse purchases, two displays were created for use in retail. With brightly colored prints and a playful, dynamic design, both secondary placements signal the brand's core messages.

[Translate to English:] Mit diesem aufmerksamkeitsstarken P.O.S.-Element von Panther Display setzt BatisteTM eine Geschenkaktion zur Promotion der Pflegeserie in Szene.

One display variant consists of a rectangular chute with floor-to-ceiling side elements and a towering rear side that is printed with the brand claim. The construction of the secondary placement opens up the possibility of choosing a large or small assembly as required. With the latter variant, printed posters compensate for the remaining space.

The second display is dedicated to a special offer for the BatisteTM care range. It points out that consumers get an extra travel-size pack when they buy a dry shampoo. For this purpose, a shaft is integrated in the rear wall that serves as a dispenser for product samples. These slide down due to gravity, where they can be removed through an opening.

The unusually constructed PoS element becomes an eye-catcher thanks to the diagonally inserted cubes. Bright, bright colors from red to purple and turquoise take up the color codes of the sales packaging. Corresponding to the lettering of the care products “Volume”, “Hydrate” and “Anti-Frizz”, the goods-carrying cubes are printed in the same colors, making it easier to distinguish between the products. The cubes, which are open to the front, have a narrow support edge for holding the products and offer good access for consumers as well as easy replenishment.

The cubes are carried by a stele integrated into the angled base, which, in addition to printed pack images and claims, also offers space for a dispenser for the shampoo cans in the small travel format on the front.

The displays made of corrugated cardboard are stable, durable and 100 % recyclable. After their use, they can be completely returned to the waste paper material cycle.