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Panther Group 2021: Challenges mastered with courage, confidence and commitment

The year 2021 was one in which unusual and unknown factors overlap at the same time. The entire society, economy and so the Panther Group had to face great challenges in a completely changed market situation, as well. These were shaped by a globally changed raw material market, cost explosions and changed consumer behavior. As a systemically important company in the ongoing pandemic, it was possible to prove in the previous year that the Panther-Plants had fulfilled their important tasks in supplying customers with packaging. In the year now drawing to a close, they provided further evidence of their performance and productivity. Dedicated commitment and the use of all capacities were the prerequisites for this.

WorldStar for Panther: Brand awareness successfully increased

As in the summer of this year the German Packaging Institute as part of the German Packaging Award, the WPO (World Packaging Organization) has now also awarded a WorldStar in the “Point of Sale” category to the extraordinary display for the Nuremberg company Staedtler.

The secondary placement element created by Panther Display with the detailed colour and design language "... fits perfectly into the marketing strategy and helps to increase brand awareness", was the verdict of the international jury, thereby recognizing the visual implementation of Staedtler's creativity strategy by the display experts.


Individual advent calendars - Planning for the next Christmas business is a year-round project

In the first weeks of each year, ideas are explored as to which products will determine the trends in the next Christmas business and how classics will once again win the favor of consumers. This also includes creative and individual advent calendars, of course made of corrugated board. This is traditionally anchored in the Panther Group. For many years, the experts in unusual constructions and brilliantly implemented print motifs have contributed to the enrichment of these companions, which are so indispensable for the run-up to Christmas.

Customers from a wide variety of industries also make use of the extensive range of services: Upon request, Panther will take care of assembling the advent calendars at several locations and then equipping them with the goods that have been provided.


Optimal display base with the highest degree of cleverness

The experts at Panther Display GmbH & Co. KG combine their knowledge, creativity and powerful technologies to develop optimal, sustainable, and thus material and cost-conscious PoS elements for demanding and individual customer requirements. At the same time, the range is completed by standard displays.

A focus is on display bases, which are most important than everybody think. When developing displays, it is always important to meet the parameters of high load capacity, the use of mono-material, minimal production effort and low work costs. In addition, the extensive expertise of Panther Display constantly results in new ideas and contributions to conserving resources, environmental compatibility or, specifically, the best use of space.


From the economic miracle to the 2nd millennium - 60 years of Südwestkarton, the southernmost Panther-Plant in Germany

Südwestkarton GmbH & Co. KG in Illingen near Stuttgart, which has been part of the Panther Group since 1968, is now celebrating its 60th anniversary in November. The location was founded in 1961 under the company name HeBu (Heinrich Bullinger Wellpappen-Fabrik); At the time of the ongoing economic miracle in Germany, the company supplied numerous industrial customers with corrugated board packaging and played its part in the overall economic upturn. A comparison of numbers from the beginning makes this clear: At the beginning of 1964 the company was producing approx. 800 m² of packaging material per month.

Displays for the pole position on counters and service counters

The experts from Panther Display GmbH & Co.KG have proven many times how they master the special challenges of counter displays. These should implement an attractive, curiosity-arousing staging of, for example, product innovations or seasonal items in the smallest of spaces. Whether in checkout areas, at service counters or service counters: The focus is always on capturing the consumer's attention and triggering an impulse to buy. The longstanding expertise of Panther Display has already resulted in a number of successful counter displays. The latest example is a second placement for the new game “Cantaloop - Burglary in the prison” by developer Friedemann Findeisen for the customer Spielkartenfabrik Altenburg.

RRK Wellpappenfabrik invests again in quality and further growth

For RRK Wellpappenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG in Bottrop, which belongs to the Panther Group, the year 2021 not only marked the 45th anniversary of its existence. Also, investments were made in the anniversary year and in September of this year another, new rotary die cutter for high-quality packaging refined using flexographic printing (HQPP) was put into operation. The new machine impresses with its working width of 2,800 mm, high production speed, fully automated peripherals and a large number of quality-determining additional facilities.

Founded in 1976, the company has grown in every respect over the past five years. Continuous investments in state-of-the-art plant engineering and building technology as well as logistics, which have amounted to more than 20 million euros since 2016, have contributed to this.


The service specialist all about packaging: 20 years PaKa Packaging-Service GmbH

Near Bremen, a subsidiary of the Panther Group was formed in 2001, which took over all services. For more than two decades, customers have been using the services of PaKa Packaging-Service GmbH to cover temporary peaks and outsource areas. As a joint venture between Panther Packaging and the company named Kaminski in Stuhr-Brinkum, PaKa Packaging-Service GmbH takes over the fulfillment of various services in the framework of outsourcing projects in category management achieving optimal rationalization effects. Customers have the opportunity to complete the internal processes task-specific or product-specific or to place the entire chain of tasks around packaging and presentation of products at the PoS in the competent hands of specialists. Within the Panther Group's extensive range of services, PaKa Packaging-Service has successfully established itself as a service provider.

Intersnack relies on the experts from Panther Display to promote its range for Halloween snacks once again

This year's cross-brand PoS campaign by Intersnack for the snack range funny frisch, Chio, ültje and Pombär for Halloween is truly outstanding and, in keeping with the occasion, scary: Developed and manufactured by Panther Display GmbH & Co. KG for commercial use from October 2021. The secondary placement rises a proud of the height of 2.35 m with the detailed printed and punched topper. The elliptical, decoratively printed top sign, radiating in several directions, creates a strong long-distance effect and combines classic image motifs of the seasonal highlight. For the clearly recognizable communication of the brand messages, part of the topper is designed in a uniform green background. The play on words "funny Halloween" signals that it is not really scary: Rather, it emphasizes the great fun that the popular snacks promise for celebrations with families or friends.

Automation creates more productivity - Panther Pharma Service is expanding at a rapid pace

With the investment in three high-performance machines, Panther Pharma Service is currently expanding its capacities and increasing its productivity again. The service for the pharmaceutical industry based at Panther Display GmbH & Co. KG is reacting to increasing market requirements and increasing its production speed significantly. A combination machine consisting of a cartoner as well as a form, fill and seal machine, a banding machine and a sleeve/shrink tunnel now complement the machine park with important service providers for the complex production steps.