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Pampering program for rabbits, hamsters & Co. - Freshly harvested hay in grass paper packaging

For many millions of Germans *, small animals and rodents such as guinea pigs or rabbits are part of the family. After cats and dogs, which live in far more households, the small, furry animals are among the most popular household members, also because keeping them usually means less effort and takes up less space. All the greater, however, is the affection that the little four-legged friends experience. And for their species-appropriate nutrition and care, providers such as JR Farm from Bavaria have an extensive range of products that promote a healthy life for small animals. Hay from natural mountain meadows or organic hay, for example, are part of the offerings of the Ruisinger family, who have been running the steadily growing farm for generations. For JR Farm, Südwestkarton (Panther Group) produces pure corrugated board packaging using grass paper, in which one kilogram of hay can be safely stored.

Shipping packaging proves successful plastic substitution - air and corrugated board cushion silencers

The Society for Packaging Market Research (GVM) has determined impressive figures that show that there is considerable savings potential for all plastics in almost all packaging-related areas. GVM specifies the data determined for Germany, Austria and Switzerland as 20 %, which corresponds to an amount of 825,000 tons of saved plastics annually. Although the possible substitution quantities differ in different product segments (non-food items 31 %, groceries approx. 14 %, mail order approx. 75 % or furniture / tools / office items / toys also approx. 75 %), in principle, very large ones can be used Replace the quantities of plastic packaging solutions used previously with fiber-based materials such as corrugated board. The theoretical considerations of the study commissioned by the Association of the Corrugated Board Industry e.V. from GVM included a wide range of packaging solutions that are common today. It turned out that the integration of corrugated board into packaging concepts is also very useful if only parts of the overall solution are replaced. Where the benefits of plastics should not be questioned without accepting disadvantages, there is still room for the intelligent combination of different materials that bundle their respective advantages and thus lead to a reduction in the amount of plastic required.

Brand awareness and sales increased - Veganz draws a successful balance sheet for the campaign

In the first quarter of 2020, the food manufacturer Veganz ran a large-scale TV / media campaign in the D-A-CH region, which was consistently thought through and implemented in terms of content and design, right up to the PoS presentation. Together with Panther Display, Veganz's marketing developed secondary placements that translated the appearance in television advertising, on social media platforms, in videos, at events and in print advertisements into the real environment of the food retail trade. The main goal was to create the best possible recognition effect for Veganz products at the PoS and to convert the interest of the target group aroused through advertising into successful sales. With the help of the display, a presentation corresponding to the campaign was created. This has made it possible to increase Veganz's brand awareness by almost 20 percent and, at the same time, to increase sales over the long term.


Pretty slanted - shelf display with finely adjusted rotating mechanism

From the think tank JuicefulTHINGS of the Panther Group comes an innovative display development with inclinable trays. These can be locked both horizontally and at different angles to the front or to the rear. The secondary placement element called "ANGOLO" is registered for utility model protection.

The shelf display consists of a base, three or more tray levels, the jacket elements and a lid. The entire secondary placement is designed for high load-bearing capacity: Tests have shown that each tray can be loaded with a product weight of approx. 10 kg. The specialty of the construction is the individually adjustable angle of inclination of the trays. When setting up “ANGOLO” for the PoS, the desired angle can be set using punched flaps at the four corners of the trays. These click into seven pre-punched slots in the casing in the selected changed axis and lock the trays in place.



Forward-looking and reliable partnership

As a systemically important company, the Panther Group is making a decisive contribution to the security of supply for customers, particularly from the food, pharmaceutical and mail order industries, during the ongoing pandemic. The unrestricted supply of trading partners and thus the supply of consumers with, among other things, food, hygiene articles and important medicines are reliably supported by the flexible Panther factories. The very quickly implemented measures to protect Panther employees were the prerequisite for the smooth functioning of the production processes in all production facilities. Political officials such as the Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier or Julia Klöckner, Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture, are currently emphasizing the indispensability of the German packaging industry as a guarantee for the safe distribution of food and medicines. It also sounds like the importance of the industry's innovative strength.

Sensory enhancement with scented varnish - stimulating effect of aromas

When it comes to addressing consumers, fragrances add an emotionally essential element to packaging or secondary placement elements, because fragrances in particular surprise, stay in the memory for a long time and have a positive impact.

Unique products or brands are perceived better overall thanks to the image-promoting support provided by packaging and PoS staging. If, in addition to the optical design and the typical design language, the factor of suitable fragrances is added, the consumer's sense of smell is also addressed.


Naturalness at the PoS - AIO displays for non-food segments

As part of the standard displays, the new AIO (All-In-One) displays complement the Panther Group's series of modular secondary placements. Various presentation options are combined in one system. They attract a lot of attention through full-surface printing, e.g. in the look of the wood look. The new standard displays open up a nature-loving PoS presentation, especially for non-food products.

The many years of experience of the experts at Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik (Panther Group) enable them to keep an eye on the wishes and requirements of customers from the branded goods industry as well as those of retailers and consumers when developing secondary placements and PoS solutions. This is how innovative, successful displays are created time and again, which are perceived by consumers as very attractive and appealing and which can be measured by increased sales of a wide variety of products.


Perfect match - Chio Game Day and HighRise

To promote the tortilla and dip range from Chio (Intersnack), the manufacturer relies on the HighRise PoS element from Panther. The “Chio Game Day” campaign is aimed primarily at football fans: The nibble varieties of corn tortillas are the perfect complement to the sporting event.

HighRise follows a behavior learned by people in everyday life: important and helpful signals or rules, such as traffic lights, informational information or signposts, direct the viewer upwards. There they are the undisguised, visible orientation aid for all imaginable situations.


Hairstyling in a dynamic PoS setting - Display for Top Beauty Award winners

A product for the very quick freshening of the hairstyle is useful for sports, traveling, camping, at outdoor events and festivals or simply between regular hair washes for the young, trendy and well-groomed appearance. With the dry shampoos from BatisteTM, a brand of the American Church & Dwight Co., there is also a series of these little helpers against “bad hair days” in Germany, which is divided into the categories of care, fragrance, color and styling. The brand has already received several international awards.

On behalf of the Batiste manufacturer, Panther Display has developed and manufactured PoS solutions with which the dry shampoos are strikingly presented. In order to make them known to an even larger group of consumers and to trigger more impulse purchases, two displays were created for use in retail. With brightly colored prints and a playful, dynamic design, both secondary placements signal the brand's core messages.

Presentations for Cocktail Day - Shake the PoP

The milder season and longer days are again very much longed for this year. From fresh air enthusiasts as well as party friends who finally want to enjoy mild evenings again and enjoy the latest cocktail creations. Out on balconies and terraces or in the garden, unite friends and have fun is the motto.

The professional lovers of the drinks with exotic names, as well as the classics that have been popular for years and mixed drinks that are constantly being redesigned, celebrate the presentation as professionally as bartenders in hip clubs. To equip your bar at home with essential basic beverages, it is advisable to keep stocks well. Last but not least, the “Cocktail Day” will be proclaimed on May 13th, 2020. And in many retail stores, on this occasion, attractive secondary placements are used to draw consumers' attention in the right direction. Not only the spirits are needed for the perfect cocktail, the well-stocked bar also has various utensils for stylish and correct preparation.