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Shelf systems for start-up success - Individualized standard displays put new ideas in the limelight

An agile and very lively start-up scene enriches the markets with various services and products. The start-ups get their ideas from a wide variety of motives. Individual needs that are not or insufficiently met are often the driving force behind innovative developments. With these, it can then be assumed that there are a large number of other consumers with a comparable demand situation. Start-up companies that, for example, have committed themselves to new types of food, beverages or perfume and cosmetic articles, face major challenges when launching them onto the market.

Launch of new popcorn variants in impressive displays

The Panther Group is traditionally a sought-after partner of snack and confectionery manufacturers, for whom it repeatedly develops and manufactures creative and successful PoS decorations. With sweet and salty temptations, the trend is towards imaginative secondary placements with unusual shapes. This creates true sculptures that give the brands far-reaching visibility and entice them to buy.


Corrugated board feed dispenser - birds chirping free delivery

Sparrows, titmice, finches and many other local flocks of birds have numerous friends who willingly ensure that the winged population has enough forage in the cold season. In this way, the birds that do not migrate can get a cozy place to eat safely. Südwestkarton in Illingen (Panther Group) has fulfilled a customer request that allows bird lovers to install a bird feeder made of corrugated cardboard in sheltered places in the home garden or on the balcony.


Sustainability with consistency - the introduction of grass paper into the reality of packaging

Sustainably ecological: With corrugated board packaging, made from waste paper with a share of grass paper, resource-saving material solutions are available to users in a wide variety of industries. They are ideal for sustainably ecologically oriented companies and for packaging fair trade products or organic brands. The Panther Group is constantly creating new, innovative packaging alternatives based on the new types of corrugated board base paper.


The convincing properties of the material have sparked numerous specific product ideas. Its visual and haptic charms should be mentioned, but above all the potential for conserving resources in combination with the recycled paper for the production of corrugated board. Papers are available in various grammages, grammages and technological values ​​in order to meet all customer requirements. There is also corrugated medium with a share of grass paper. All papers meet the requirements of a comparable Testliner III.