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Panther Print

At the gates of Berlin in the centre of Europe, the Panther Group operates one of the most modern flexo-preprint production facilities. Panther Print, the innovative, creative flexo-preprint company, manufactures high-quality preprinted papers for packaging and displays, for furniture made from corrugated board and for other areas of use.

From printing simple motifs to very challenging overall designs, Panther Print achieves brilliant print results and (as well as graphically printed pre-products) uses surface finishing and special coatings to impart additional visual and functional properties to the subsequent packaging and displays.

Panther P.O.S. Solutions

Panther provides innovative display solutions at the point of sale. We combine all the Panther plants that produce displays in the Panther P.O.S. Solutions business division. Each of the Panther plants producing displays concentrates on its respective main strengths, and manufactures specific display types. From a standard display to decorative freestanding figures - Panther offers you original, high-quality display solutions.

We will be happy to give you advice about development, design, construction material choice, printing processes, fabrication etc.


JuicefulTHINGS is a virtual brand of Panther Packaging. It was developed as a place in which to implement our own ideas made from corrugated board. In JuicefulTHINGS we show you innovative, unusual opportunities in the packaging, display and sales promotion areas.

Using this Panther brand as an example, JuicefulTHINGS visualises things that are meaningful and useful. Obtain information about unusual, refreshing ideas together with suggestions and technical refinements based on our unified brand image at the point of sale and point of purchase.

PaKa Packaging-Service GmbH

We move a lot - and do it via short routes! The PaKa packaging service transports your goods to their destination reliably and quickly. Our system logistics uses efficient synergies for this, and tackles complicated distribution lists, spontaneous deliveries and distances the length and breadth of Europe. The same applies to unpacked goods, individual components or ready-assembled products.

We select, delegate and monitor: you produce your product and we pack and position it. Panther always supplies you promptly with the corrugated board components you need at the place where you need them.

The PaKa Packaging Service analyses, optimises and implements your packaging system’s process chains. We will gladly “come to your assistance” or undertake entire production operations. We will pack on the spot at your site or in our packing centres, and will supply the packaging material, technology and known-how.

WS Coswiger Wellpappen- und Papierverarbeitung

WS Coswiger Wellpappen- und Papierverarbeitung belongs to the Panther Group since 2018. With an extensive product portfolio, it supplies customers with printed and unprinted folding boxes; die-cut packaging, packages with automatic bases (multi-point glued packaging), internal structures and padding, corrugated board on a reel, and solid cardboard. Our customers always receive the required products quickly and reliably in large or small production runs.

The Fritz Landmann Foundation

Through the Fritz Landmann Foundation we support training and further education institutions in paper processing and packaging technology job profiles. Acting as intercompany training establishments, two residential colleges in northern and southern Germany facilitate nationwide know-how transfer. The Foundation also finances laboratory establishments and various research projects. This yields a constant flow of new knowledge for the entire packaging sector.

Verband der Wellpappen-Industrie e.V.

Panther Packaging is a member of the Corrugated Board Industry Association. The Association represents and acts as advocate for more than 80% of corrugated board production in Germany. It intervenes vis-à-vis authorities, the political world, the retail and the public as a mouthpiece and representation of interests for the corrugated board sector.