Apprenticeship at
the Panther Group

Apprentices in the packaging industry

Panther provides training in many interesting professions and offers a job entry with great prospects in the following areas:

  • Corrugated board
  • Packaging
  • Displays
  • Print

We are looking for apprentices, who are motivated and enjoy to work. If that applies to you, we will be pleased to offer you an apprentiship with good opportunities for advancement in the Panther Group.

Your place at Panther: Predictable perspectives in a multifaceted Group
Apprentiships at the Panther Group have always been very important to us. That is why we take a lot of time for our apprentices. In this way, you can learn optimally, develop yourself further and feel comfortable with us. Best of all: We take on almost all "former" apprentices after they have passed their exams. At Panther, we always work as equals. Every employee is part of the common performance. Every apprentice has different needs, talents and goals. You can bring this to bear perfectly at Panther. Develop yourself individually in production, planning, administration, development and other areas. That creates solidarity, security and success.
With our program, we support you right from the start. In addition to modern machines, techniques and new standards, apprentiships at Panther are also future-oriented. Our innovation management promotes group-wide engagement and gives creative potential the necessary foundation.


Panther internship

Apprenticeship is a crucial phase in your life, that paves the way for the start of your professional career. The choice of apprenticeship occupation and place should therefore be carefully considered. The interests, skills and personal targets are a decision criterion that should not be underestimated.

In order to support you in your decision, we are happy to invite interested young people to an internship at an early stage. Please apply, stating whether you would like a general insight into the entire company or whether you would like to concentrate on a specific job description. Ideally, this inspection should take place early, before the end of school, for a period of one to two weeks.

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Family atmosphere

Panther is a medium-sized Group. We value flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths. Panther supplies the European market with packaging, displays and service from a single source. Our corporate strategy stands for innovations, utilizing synergies and regular investments. We are constantly oriented towards market developments. Our experience is our greatest asset. But you bring us a breath of fresh air and young ways of thinking into the company. Our apprentices, in particular, teach us what is currently up-to-date and what could be helpful regarding new developments.


Panther provides apprentiships in many different professions at all locations. We also offer you an extensive program of additional and inter-company training courses. Just clicking here:

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