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tiptoi® play world presented in detail - promotion display becomes decoration

A high-quality display by Panther recently drew attention at the PoS to the new tiptoi® play world "Fire Department" from Ravensburger. The tiptoi® series gives children exciting insights into a wide variety of themed worlds. By tapping the tiptoi® pen on the play buildings, figures or the vehicle, they hear authentic sounds and stories, learn lots of factual knowledge and experience exciting missions in creative role plays. For the play world on the topic of the fire department, this means: sirens wail, commands are given, the vehicle rushes to the mission. Children visit a fire station, take a look at the control center, extinguish a fire, and learn a lot about the importance and work of firefighters.

In order to clearly communicate this variety already at the point of sale, Panther has produced a display with many details. It is based on the basic dimensions of 600 x 800 mm with a height of 1,670 mm. On the narrow side of the secondary placement there are three product-carrying shelf levels. This is where the game worlds are stocked in the packaging. The larger side surfaces offer plenty of space for brand communication and explanations about the toy world. The attractive topper superstructure is designed as a showcase. It contains, among other things, the Revell Junior Kit firefighting armored vehicle, the fire station and a building on fire, as well as the smart pen, which allows children to play interactively with over 500 typing positions. A sturdy PET film wraps the play set to protect these figures and elements. The entire presentation unit is packaged and shipped assembled to retailers. To ensure that it can be transported without damage during distribution and until it is set up, or can be displayed at the PoS for longer periods of time, all elements are firmly glued. In addition, there are marking points on the top of the display, with which the showcase with the entire contents is fixed by means of pre-mounted Velcro strips.

Depending on the space available at the particular PoS, the design also takes into account a placement of two displays next to each other - in this variant, the fixing points are arranged so that the showcase creates a connection of the two displays. In both arrangement versions there is an all-round view of the promotional displays.

The idea of this promotion solution goes one step further: The elaborate design of the tiptoi® game world, executed with attention to detail, is also used after the end of the secondary placement. The showcase continues to serve retailers as a decorative object for shop windows or shelves after the merchandise from the displays has been sold off.