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The very big stage for funny-frisch - Every eye is caught by this display

The size and unusual design of the promotional display make it impossible for consumers to miss the attractive presentation of the snacks and they are sure to grab them. The result is a real fast-moving item that is easy to refill at any time.

The special placement, printed with the likenesses of brand ambassadors Bastian Schweinsteiger and Lukas Podolski as well as a cheerful barbecue community in nature, can be set up in several variants or sizes. The presentation spectrum ranges from a Euro pallet size to a mega chute on four Euro pallets. There is plenty of space in the chute for the popular snack items, which are also positioned on the replica "grill grate" and thus at eye level with the consumer. On top, a three-dimensional topper carries the universally recognized brand logo in all directions.

Despite the remarkably large secondary placement, this fits into the normal car trunk on the transport routes. All elements are housed in packaging with a grip hole, and assembly on site at the retailer is accomplished in just a few simple steps.