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Sustainability with consistency - entry of grass paper into packaging reality

The available corrugated base papers give users a choice of different surface characteristics. For example, the typical appearance of grass fibers can optionally be revealed on the top side, while the base appears in the "classic" corrugated board brown. The use of specially selected recycled grades results in a liner with a significantly lighter appearance that more intensively reflects the uniqueness of the natural product. It also enables visually better printability compared to the brown variant.

Another solution combines K-Liner with the grass fibers. The result is a particularly high-quality and at the same time ecologically optimized base paper for corrugated board applications that combines subtle grass shimmer with the strong, dark tone of K-Liner.

With a new crate from the JuicefulThings think tank, Panther is demonstrating a realistic packaging solution that can be implemented at short notice and is suitable, for example, as shelf packaging or trays for coffee, dairy products or similar. The ecologically advantageous material combination is an ideal ambassador for sustainably operating companies and is fully recyclable.