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JuicefulThings "Playing Out"

The innovative new development in the field of classic shelving systems combines pull-out chutes with hook-in shelves and thus enables an attractive, clear presentation of goods on a minimal footprint. The presentation of multicolored plasticine together with kneading tools and molds exemplifies the optimal suitability for use in the toy sector.

There is plenty of room for larger goods in the load-bearing suspended shelves, while the forward-projecting chutes are ideal for small articles. They offer a very good top view of the products and easy removal. In addition, the shelving system is characterized by high load-bearing capacity and long-lasting stability. Thanks to clever design techniques, the trays can be hung in a variable and height-adjustable manner.

The mantle, with its side panels pulled far forward, offers the largest possible communication surface for target-group-specific and brand-typical designs, into which the attached topper can be integrated thanks to multicolored printing.