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It just always works - Display Side by Side creates additional shelf space

The new display concept, for which utility model protection has been applied for, provides for the secondary placement to be shipped to the retailer already filled with merchandise. Fitted with a sleeve as shipping protection, the display arrives safely at its destination. This creates a transport-friendly loading unit that is  easy to handle during its distribution to its destination. On site, the hood is simply removed. At this moment, Side by Side automatically unfolds additional walls with downward-folding trays to the left and right of the cover. This creates, without any further assembly work, a significantly extended shelf space for products that are directly replenished in the store. The position and number of these additional trays can be freely selected. Upstands at the front of the tray can also be included if desired.

Side by Side is an attractive secondary placement for a wide variety of products such as cosmetics or care products. It is particularly suitable for the presentation of brand families to which new products are added or for the promotion-related highlighting of individual innovations. The centerpiece of the secondary placement is a pedestal display with several tray levels and an already integrated topper that can be raised upwards. The side elements, which fold down automatically, offer additional space for product placement as well as for brand-typical print design on the outer sides. Depending on the space available in the store, it is also possible to use just one of the additional side walls. The walls including the trays are firmly locked to the shell. The clever mechanics of this display make assembly at the PoS child's play.