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Corrugated board feeder - birds chirping free delivery

The customer had given expert specifications: For example, the body of the bird house should hold 200 grams of free-flowing feed. The filled, closed feeder should be safe to distribute and easy to open via a window perforation at the destination so that the birds can reach the food without danger. It was also important that the feed could always trickle out on its own. The bird lover should be able to insert a wooden perch for the winged visitors via a hole punching. Finally, the house should be easy to hang up and therefore have an appropriate handle, which makes additional cords or the like unnecessary. Environmentally friendly disposal at a later date was also important to the customer, and the decision to manufacture the bird house from corrugated board was the logical consequence. Like any corrugated board packaging, the bird feeder can be returned to the material cycle.

The Panther development team responded enthusiastically to the specifications. As a result, it presented an unglued architecture that can be closed via plug-in connections. Inside, the box has a diagonal partition wall that performs the dispenser function. The window, which can be broken out without tools via a perforation line, runs across the corner to give the birds the best possible access to the food. The inner lid flaps also act as handles and, together with the plug-in lid, provide a stable suspension. To further enhance the environmentally friendly aspect of the bird house, Panther suggested the use of grass paper for its manufacture. The result is a feeding station that can easily hang outside in sheltered places, for example on covered balconies and terraces.