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Cleverly exploiting savings potential - trays for fast-moving and impulse items

In the optimization now presented, Panther combines the function of the tray body with that of the perforated insert in one component. Instead of three components, the packaging now only requires two parts, with the lid remaining unchanged. This results in trays that offer secure protection of the contents throughout the logistics and distribution processes and, at the same time, an attractive brand presence at the PoS. The newly designed packaging can be printed according to customers' wishes, including integrated perforated inserts.

The applications for these trays are many and varied. They are often used for impulse items in checkout areas or on counters. The perforated inserts allow a stable, clear presentation of a wide variety of products, from lighters to deodorants or pens to tubes, small bottles or similar products. The diameter or geometry of the holes punched in the inserts can be variably adapted to the products to be filled.

The trays reduce costs in the double-digit range. Several effects contribute to this: The two-part trays require fewer pallets as they take up less volume, and the provision of the insert is eliminated altogether, resulting in saved storage space. The number of articles to be managed in the system is also reduced for customers. The error potential of incorrectly allocating inserts in the customer's packing station is eliminated because it is a fixed part of the tray. In addition, the creative development also opens up the possibility of substituting previous inserts made of Styrofoam or other plastics and using a recycling-friendly monomaterial solution.

In the customer's filling and packaging process, the two-part tray allows significant optimization. Overall, the innovative packaging saves time, material, costs, and waste. Via the waste paper cycle, corrugated board is fed back into the well-developed recycling system for new processing into corrugated base paper.