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A barrel as Bacchus' favorite - Bottle Barrel creates valuable facing

The naming for the display picks up on the rounded shape of the bottle-carrying trays, reminiscent of barrels: The curved corrugated board trays have a simple locking mechanism to securely connect to the jacket. Visually, this almost creates the impression of a richly stocked wine cellar from which the well-sorted bottles are removed. The load capacity of the trays is so high that up to 15 bottles can be placed on them. Lying bottles enjoy the advantage that high-quality wines with a natural cork do not dry out during storage.

In addition to the special placement of wine, the display, which is very unusual in terms of design, is of course also excellently suited for the presentation of various other soft drinks from the alcoholic and non-alcoholic segment. Large print areas on the sides, on a suggested base as well as on the topper, which can be individually designed, allow brand-specific and brand-appropriate messages for a widely visible and enticing effect.

Up to four product levels are provided in the Bottle Barrel, which is topped off with a lid including an integrated topper. The basis is a ¼-pallet.