The Panther service is the complete package


Activities associated with packaging take many forms, as do questions arising as a result. For these, Panther provides skilled consultancy services. The range of information provided, covers critical areas such as the retail-trade requirements, packaging machines or market trends. Customers put their faith in a level of expertise that has matured for more than 100 years.

Logistics, co-packing, contract packing

We furnish our customers with solutions for storage, filling and distribution of packaging and displays. We accompany you every step of the way and ease your burden in almost all areas with our wide range of services. With us, your entire packaging management is in the very best of hands. If required, you can commission our plants to fill, warehouse and deliver your packaging and displays. All under one roof. In this way we offer Panther customers exclusive access to logistical capacities which allows them to operate at peak times or even going so far as to make it possible to cope during peak periods at all.

We also offer complete outsourcing of all contract packing requirements.