The advantage generated by inspiration and creative thinking

Ideas and know-how transfer

Panther does not limit itself to production based on given data. We also engage in proactive and creative work for the benefit of our customers. In many cases, the approach to joint projects begins with an analysis of materials management within a company. We conduct a comprehensive investigation of the customer, their product, trade and process requirements, in order to utilise the gathered data in an optimum solution – such as packaging design and constituent materials. On request, structure and design are optimized and additional potentials, such as functional enhancements, are pointed out.

Our developers are constantly engaged in the search for new solutions. The result is a continuous stream of new developments which positively influence the security, functionality and rationality of packaging and displays. In the process, our products often achieve high-tech status.

With our virtual “Juiceful Things” brand, we have created an experimental platform in which we can operate without restriction. Here we implement our own ideas and make our innovative power visible to others.

In workshops and in-house media we pursue a policy of information and inspiration by referring to the latest developments, trends, regulations and patents.

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