World of trade experiences record machine performance

Mit Panther Print hat die dritte Produktionsstätte der Panther-Gruppe in Wustermark (Brandenburg) die Produktion aufgenommen.

Tornesch/Wustermark, Germany – At the end of May, several hundred guests accepted the Panther Group's invitation to the opening of their latest plant: Panther Print has started production in Wustermark. The hosts were able to fascinate a large circle of clients and other specialist trade representatives with a demonstration of the amazing performance of a new and unique flexographic printing press.

The heart of the new Panther plant is the new press, which features up to eight colours + varnish and which following first trial runs in the spring has been producing client orders since April. Panther Print's initial work force of 19 put the new machine through its paces and guests witnessed real production conditions during their tour of the plant. The press, which was developed according to plans drawn up jointly by Fischer & Krecke (Bobst Group) and Panther, amazed its public with its incredibly quiet running, even at maximum speed.

World record of 600 m/min.

The press had already been run at its top speed of 600 m/min on 17 May for a regular client order which was processed as part of the test phase: a 3-colour line-printing job on 135 g/m² paper. During the visitors' tour of Panther Print, the new press produced halftone prints (42 l/cm screen) with five colours plus varnish at a speed of 520 m/min under the expert gaze of the guests. That packaging print job was a highly illustrative example of the effectiveness and qualitative performance capability of the machine.

Panther Print's specialist printing personnel started the test phase with the revolutionary new machine in a highly motivated mood: as soon as installation was finished, they not only tested the plant in terms of speed, but were particularly keen to see the highly praised printing quality, especially for challenging motifs; quality which only a few short years ago was virtually inconceivable for flexographic printing. The machine's original planning remit was to produce printing quality virtually on a par with offset lithographic printing.

Experience gained in recent weeks with the new press, among whose features is a fully automatic set-up system, a Smart-GPS system and automatic ink and residual-ink management, has shown that the flexographic printing press completely meets expectations in terms of printing accuracy, speed and ease of operation. Through its performance during the official opening celebrations, the CI (Central Impression) press impressively demonstrated to visitors how rising demands on multi-colour printed packaging and displays with brilliant motifs are met in the Panther Group.

A range of demanding print motifs already produced during the test phase fully convinced those taking part in the celebrations of the printing quality which can be achieved with the latest flexographic preprint technology – production samples are available from Panther Print and can also be accessed at Druckmuster(at)

The official opening of Panther Print also gave guests the opportunity of visiting the two Panther plants already located on the same site since 2004 (Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik) and 2008 (Panther Display), providing them with a comprehensive impression of the corporate packaging and display skills which have been established in Wustermark. The new press's working width of 2.80 m is a logical consequence of that same width's existing use in corrugated-board machinery. The tour of the three works demonstrated to guests invited to Panther Print's official opening the efficiency of Wustermark's Panther Group factories, which both in terms of client and market requirements reflect large parts of the value-added chain for corrugated-board products, from the manufacture of corrugated board to print finishing and the production of packaging and displays.

The new Panther Print plant, completely fitted out with the corporate identity of the Panther Group, is characterised by the greatest possible transparency: for the planned medium-term work force of 33 this is a very compact location, and a view of the impressive production facilities is ensured from virtually all workplaces.