Seductive live atmosphere Tasting/sampling-promotion stands for every Point of purchase

The presentation of brands is always aimed at attracting highest possible attention among consumers. An efficient means of generating interest in new products among retail customers is the use of promotion stands for tasting or sampling. Food and beverage manufacturers like to employ this method just as much as do producers of cosmetics who wish to convince the public with their innovations right at the P.O.S.

The various given spatial conditions in shops sometimes mean that such promotions pose a special challenge. A a challenge which the Panther Group took up in its ideas workshop Juiceful Things. The company has developed several tasting/sampling-promotion display variations which cater for both the more and the less spacious conditions found in retail businesses.

On the basis of comprehensive know-how in the construction of display systems, Panther has created a series of promotion stands, starting with a basic size of 600 x 500 x 2,000 mm (width, depth, height). Even on this limited floor space, the smallest of the three new models offers a tasting/sampling-promotion stand which can be customised in many details to match the products being marketed. By varying the arrangement of the different pillar elements on one or both sides and in different heights, the stand can be erected in a wide variety of designs.

The large stand surfaces (up to two metres in height) are perfectly suited to customising with the style appropriate to the brand.

The stands or displays can also be adjusted to the spatial possibilities available at the P.O.S.; the small version specified above is right for salesrooms typically found in small city-centre shops, gas stations or kiosks. If required, this tasting/sampling-promotion stand can expanded at short notice by adding extra modules: a table element, which provides additional space for putting things down, can be fitted in a flash. If the P.O.S. offers scope for a larger tasting/sampling-promotion unit, stands are available in two other basic sizes - 800 x 800 x 2,000 and 1,000 x 800 x 2,000 mm.

From presentation space to the integration of pillars and variable geometry for the shelf areas, there is a very wide range of design options. All tasting/sampling-promotion displays can be supplemented with a range of extras: containers for small accessory parts, compartments for promotion material such as brochures etc. or even containers for the disposal of used beakers, cups or packaging waste.

The decisive touch for the displays is of course provided by brand-typical print design, which the Panther Group can offer in flexo preprint, flexo direct print, digital print or litho-lamination.

Also suitable for multiple use Common to all displays is their highly space-saving packaging. Taking into account logistic requirements, the tasting/sampling-promotion display system units were designed in flat-pack form so that they could also be easily accommodated in a small car. Erection on site is very simple and can easily be handled by one person working alone. Once erected, the tasting stand is very user-friendly for the duration of the promotion: the large area for placing items such as a coffee machine or cooker is cellophaned so that it is resistant to everyday wear and tear and can be cleaned easily.

Benefits are not only in simplicity of erection and assembly, but also in the capacity for multiple use: stands can be quickly dismantled and stored once again in their one-piece packaging. The display can be used up to ten times to tempt the public at differing locations.

Whether coffee or confectionery, cold drinks, other food or new cosmetics are to be sampled: Panther's highly adaptable tasting displays provide solutions to cope with all given spatial conditions in the retail trade.