New 3rd generation standard displays New folding technique and presentation solutions open on 3 sides

With the introduction of the Chapeau Claque, Panther-Display had already provided a glimpse of Wepoba's 3rd generation displays. Now the company is presenting all new 3rd generation developments which extend the range of standard displays.

In detail: the concept of the "One-Grip-Wonder" derived from the wishes of users for fast erection, easy handling and variable filling. The special highlight is the folding technique for the shell which permits extremely space-saving folding and at the same time provides a firm base for the filled display. Several tray variations can be integrated into the "One-Grip-Wonder" (suspended shelf, tray shelf or standard shelf). The respective basic dimensions and the height can be customised to client's requirements for this display solution.

"Priamos" is Panther's name for a series of open-sided displays. Open on three sides and anchored on a pedestal system which is either glued or plugged in, these displays boast an impressive array of variations. Strong suspended trays which are inserted in the back of the display's body round off the presentation – and visibility of products from three sides is guaranteed. "Priamos" fits onto all standard pallet types (?-, ¼- und ½-Chep basis). The system's variety of shapes is vast and areas of application equally diverse. As can be seen in the illustration, tray variations and combination possibilities permit a wide variety of P.O.S. presentations with this innovative display.

Following on from the idea of the display solution open on three sides, Panther also developed the "Schräghänger" (Angled Hanger). This series features a foldable shell which functions without built-in support elements. Because of the angled-suspension technique, trays can even be inserted after they have been filled. Thanks to the different suspension possibilities, an almost infinite number of variations can be created. This flexibility of design is further enhanced by the optional use of a pedestal tray, or by varying the number of suspended trays, the shapes of those trays or not least by varying the basic dimensions (¼-, ½- or 2 x ½-Chep to be filled from both sides).

Three innovative display series with an infinite number of possible variations. These additions to Panther's standard display range provide users with even greater choice for setting up secondary-placement solutions at short notice.