New 3rd generation standard display One-Grip-Wonder foldable shell display

The definitive parameters are simple to understand: A display should be safe and take up the least possible volume for both transport and storage purposes. In addition, users expect to be able to erect a display quickly and easily. And finally, a display should be versatile enough to permit a wide variety of possibilities for accommodating the products to be sold. Panther Display has dealt with this scenario often enough, and has now come up with yet another ingenious solution. A foldable shell display which precisely meets the above requirements. The new display, which is mounted on a pedestal and supports several trays, has been dimensioned so that in flat-pack form it saves a great deal of space. The lower part of the display shell can be very simply erected to a pedestal.

Above the pedestal, the trays, which feature a new folding technique, can be inserted freely into the erected three-sided shell. In detail: the concept of the so-called "One-Grip-Wonder" display system is based on clients' requirements for fast erection, easy handling and variable filling. The special highlight is the folding mechanism for the shell, which permits extremely space-saving folding and at the same time creates a strong base for the filled display. Several tray variations can be integrated into the shell display (suspended shelves, tray shelves or standard shelves). The respective floor-space dimensions and the height of this display solution can be customised to client requirements.

The user decides on how many product levels are to be catered for. This convertible display is one of many examples of the new "One-Grip-Wonder" range which has been newly created as part of the 3rd generation of Wepoba displays.