FSC® label for Panther plants Papers, packaging and displays certified

Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and products have been a matter of course for many years within the Panther Group, because the processing of recycled paper to corrugated board is the company's core business. In accordance with the requirements of the market, Panther factories have undergone certification procedures in accordance with GMP and hygiene criteria, as well as in compliance with standards governing environmental and quality aspects (DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001). The plant in Tornesch, Altonaer Wellpappenfabrik, is also certified to DIN EN ISO 22000. The Group has now gone one stage further: following successful certification, products from Panther Packaging, Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik and Panther Display can now bear the FSC® label (Forest Stewardship Council®). In addition, Papierfabrik Meldorf produces 100 % FSC®-compatible recycled raw corrugated-board papers.

The appropriate certificates were issued to the Panther companies by the certification organisation SGS. Accordingly, the corrugated-board paper manufactured by Papierfabrik Meldorf can now be used in the processing plants for FSC®-certified production. The following FSC®-certified products for packaging and displays made from corrugated board are now possible in accordance with the raw materials used for them: FSC®-pure (all materials made from FSC®-certified Kraftliner), FSC®-certified mix (FSC®-certified Kraftliner and FSC®-certified recycled papers) and FSC®-certified recycled papers.

Strictly enforcement of certification in accordance with the definitions drawn up by the international non-profit organisation headquartered in Bonn, Germany, and national working groups in 43 countries is initially aimed at preserving forests. The FSC® was founded one year after the "Environment and Development" conference in Rio in 1993 in order to implement the resolutions passed on the sustainable development of forests. Of particular significance in the context of the demands drawn up in Rio was the stipulation of equal status for social, ecological and economic aspects of the exploitation of natural resources.

The famous logo of the Forest Stewardship Council® can therefore now be featured on packaging and displays manufactured by the Panther Group; clients therefore have the possibility for their part of drawing attention to the conscious use of environment-conserving materials. As a consequence of the concept behind the printed logo, consumers can be convinced to preferentially buy products manufactured on a sustainable basis. Because certification guarantees that the packaging material really is produced from material which complies with the strict regulations stipulated by the FSC® and that the forestry industry really is being protected.

Efforts among the general population and in the corporate world to transfer those issues associated with the preservation of nature and the environment to everyday routine have increased in recent years. Packaging used by consumers to satisfy everyday requirements is a particular focus in this recent trend. As a result, a wide variety of indicative features, especially printed logos, have emerged which document to the consumer the careful and considerate handling of natural resources. Brand-product manufacturers and trading companies increasingly demand that their suppliers create the prerequisites for them to visually display the packaging they use in a positive light.

An example of this is the recycling symbol which has been familiar for years now and which communicates the recycling capability of corrugated-board products. The FSC® label has now also become a familiar symbol to a wide public and is seen as credible and an indication of high quality. That fact not only demonstrates that the objectives of the FSC® have been brought closer to large sections of the population, but also documents that the topic of "protection of forests" is a generally respected one, especially in Europe.

For the Panther Group it has been critical that the widely discussed topic of sustainability could become credibly and understandably documented by FSC® certification. At the same time, this step should not be judged in isolation: the whole of the value-added chain for corrugated-board packaging and displays has been based for many years on tried-and-tested fundamentals which serve to manufacture products in harmony with resource-conserving use of materials (both through minimised and weight-reducing use and through the recycling of corrugated-board products).

The Panther Group is the only one-stop German group of packaging companies which can offer services ranging from paper manufacturing and corrugated-board production and processing to high-quality flexo postprinting, flexo preprinting, litho-laminating and digital printing; packaging and displays, as well as product assembly, packaging and logistics. The family-managed company boasts a tradition which goes back 100 years and operates at seven locations across Germany. A policy of continuous investment in the latest technology and the striving for growth in order to sustainably increase performance are important prerequisites for the company's successful development. Rigorous orientation to quality and environmental friendliness characterises the Panther Group's activities. Active and creative commitment to develop customised client solutions and optimum technical implementation define the company's declared goal.

Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG from Wustermark in Brandenburg is one of the most modern corrugated-board factories in Germany and has been producing since 2004. Close to the German capital of Berlin, this Panther Group plant enjoys a central European location and serves business partners in Eastern Germany and the neighbouring Eastern European countries. Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik produces customer-specific corrugated-board sheeting, die-cut packaging, slotted cases and multi-point glued packaging and displays from B-, C-, E-, F-, BC-, BB-, EB-, EE- and FE-flute. The company also offers its own packaging development and system and process advisory services in order to be able to provide optimum customised solutions. The extensive range of machinery for finishing packaging and standard displays covers not only highly sophisticated printing technology for flexo preprinting and direct printing but also gluing and die-cutting machinery. Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik is certified to FEFCO-GMP, DIN EN 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and FSC®.

Sales promotion and product presentation are the main operational focuses at Panther Display in its new plant in Wustermark (since the end of 2008). Within the Panther Group, the company's function is to concentrate on special secondary-placement solutions. Panther Display, which is located in the direct vicinity of Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik, is equipped with ultramodern machinery and boasts the special skills necessary for the manufacture of unusual displays. Laminating, gluing, litho-laminating and flexo printing, as well as assembly, packaging and distribution at the highest quality level: Panther Display masters all steps requisite to the modern and client-oriented development and production of creative P.O.S. solutions such as shelf, counter and special displays, tasting stands, floor-standing displays, mobiles, poster ranges and shop-window layouts. All relevant materials are used, from corrugated board to full board and paper, wood, metal and even small motors, flashing lights and sound modules etc. At Panther Display, creative development possibilities combined with automated production processes and the latest processing techniques blend with specialist skills and know-how acquired over many years. The plant is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and FSC®.

Licence number FSC®-C104265 and FSC®-C100392